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Service solutions for 十大彩票平台 SeaSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems

十大彩票平台 enhances our customers´ processes by providing preventive, demand responsive and pointed optimizing services and solutions throughout the whole lifecycle of an installation. Field Services professionals aim always for a great customer satisfaction and are responsive and helpful at all concerns.

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十大彩票平台 is working with reliable contractors and partners in all belongings for both as for hands on work and remote support. For prompt and competent help our own specialists are supporters of a call back service to shorten any unexpected downtime. In the case of manual activities, we are also willingly to involve the customer's trusted companies, because we do not tolerate experiments with quality here.

© S. Sauerzapfe
© S. Sauerzapfe


The background of our many years of experience in plant construction, we can also carry out revisions, modifications to plants but also optimizations with planning in advance and target definition. Our 十大彩票平台 ServiceApp supports us in accessibility and the more precise the information, the faster the solution.

Field services expertise

With our Field Services partners or as Support of our client’s Services partners we can offer qualified expertise, high response capabilities, high proximity and availability whenever and wherever needed. It is not always necessary to be on site to keep the system running!

We supply OEM spare parts and services for our Exhaust gas cleaning plant’s, but we are not limited.

In general, we offer our customers

  • Process Supervision
  • Optimization for Commissioning
  • Start-up on site or Online-Troubleshooting
  • Condition Monitoring to enlarge uptime

  • S-W-Parts Management

  • Inspection support on-site or online/remote

  • Staff training and support

  • Asset management for 十大彩票平台 equipment and for other suppliers

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SeaSOx Scrubber technology

十大彩票平台 SeaSOx Scrubber - the wet desulphurization technology for exhaust gas cleaning on ships.

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SeaSOx Port

十大彩票平台 SeaSOx Port - to reduce major pollutants from ships in a port to a minimum.

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Did you know that ...

十大彩票平台 offers the complete portfolio for exhaust gas cleaning in the maritime industry?

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Due to the lower sulfur limits that will enter into force for shipping worldwide in 2020, more and more shipping companies are equipping their ships with exhaust gas scrubbers.

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Clean environment for a better tomorrow. 十大彩票平台 provides innovative air pollution control technologies, including wet flue gas cleaning, dry flue gas cleaning, DeNOx plants, and combined or multi-stage systems.

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十大彩票平台 pumps for other industries

泵 solutions for the marine/offshore industry

For many years 十大彩票平台 has been active in the offshore industry, mainly for applications in sea water lift. For subsea applications, 十大彩票平台 offers customized solutions for submersible motors.

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